Saying Goodbye

It is very difficult when we come to the realization that our pet for so many years is coming to the end of their life. Regardless if it is from old age or an illness, the pain and sorrow is the same. We had to put down our Scottish Terrier ‘Anabelle’ of 15 years. It was the hardest thing we ever had to do.  It took sometime before the emptiness of her presence eased. We did make a memorial stone for her and set it in our garden. Each time I look at it, I smile and remember the feisty little thing, wagging her tail and hunting throughout the garden. Our pet memorial stone brings us comfort, and give us a reminder of a special little soul that touched out hearts.

Custom Line Drawing for Your Memorial Horse Stone

One of the appreciated services that we offer here at Say it in Stones is custom line drawing. This gives you the opportunity to have a custom drawing created for your memorial horse stone for the ultimate tribute.

How to Have a Custom Memorial Horse Stone Made

To have one of these meaningful pieces made, all you need to do is send us a photograph of your beloved pet. Gabrielle, our personal artist, will let you know if she can use it. If so, then you will select a stone from our drop down menu and enter the horse’s name, custom wording and font selection. These also make thoughtful gifts to someone you know mourning the loss of such an elegant creature.

Coincidentally, it should also be noted that we offer this service for other pets as well. This is something to keep in mind if someone you know loses a dog, cat, bird or any other best friend as well.

Sending Pet Garden Memorials to Your Patients

If you are a veterinarian, then you know that although you love all of your patients, there are some that really touch your heart, and you get very close to through the years. Although these animals are not yours, you feel the pain when one passes and probably feel inclined to reach out with a kind gesture to the owner. A card is nice, but you probably send one to the humans for all your passed patients. Flowers are thoughtful, but sending something that dies is never recommended. Pet garden memorials are the perfect gifts.

Pet Garden Memorials for the Extra Special Ones

You do not have to get in the habit of sending pet garden memorials to everyone, if it is not in your budget. However, when one really touches your heart and you know their human is in pain, sending a stone to pay tribute to the animal’s life is the ultimate gesture. It shows that you really do care, and may be just what that person needs to get through this tough time.

Here at Say it in Stones, we offer a beautiful selection of memories in an array of sizes and prices. You can add the animal’s name, a note and graphic to show how much you appreciate that you had the opportunity to care for their beloved pet, and how sorry you are for their loss.

Pet Tombstones for Your Burial

Although the vast majority of pet owners today are opting for cremation, there are still plenty who prefer a burial. This is perfectly acceptable! If you live in a home that you do not expect to ever leave, you will not have to deal with the stress of moving away and leaving your buried pet behind. This also gives you the opportunity to shop for pet gravestones to mark the place of rest.

Pet Gravestones – Choosing the Right One

Pet gravestones can either  lie flat or stand up, depending on your personal preference. Here at Say it in Stones, we offer a wide variety of products that can simply rest on the area, however we also have a 10lb Pet Memorial Sandstone that is square-shaped, so it will stand up.

This stone measures 8” x 8” x 2” and grants you plenty of space to add your pet’s name, a graphic and a personal note. There is truly not a more beautiful or appropriate way to pay tribute to the life of your pet.

Pair a Pet Stone Memorial Up With Our Kitty Raku Urn

Buying an urn is stressful. If you have already lost your precious feline friend, there is a tremendous amount of pain that goes into this purchase. On the other hand, if you are planning ahead so you are prepared, there is sorrow and anxiety, thinking about what lies in the future. Either way, you will want to pick the perfect urn and pair it up with an elegant pet stone memorial.


Which Urn and Pet Stone Memorial Should You Choose?

Although all of our urns have been thoughtfully picked here at Say it in Stones, there is something about the Kitty Raku Urn that is special. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, and goes through a lengthy process to be created, from firing in the kiln, to the unique cooling process on a bed of straw that creates a stunning glaze. We offer this urn in aqua and lemon, with or without a kitty face.


Then, you need to choose a pet stone memorial to place somewhere thoughtful like your garden or patio. You will find that we offer stones in an array of sizes, and we even have beautiful graphics to choose from that can be added to your stone for a more personalized finish product.

Do You Need a Note on a Memorial Horse Stone?

If you are trying to purchase a memorial horse stone, but have found yourself stuck on the “note” section, you are not alone. Many grieving pet owners have so much to say such and a great amount of pain that it is hard to compact all those feelings into a few short words that will fit on a stone. Quite often, you want to say something meaningful or inspirational, but every time you try to think of a happy memory, sadness rushes in. This is all part of the grieving process, and you can consider yourself perfectly normal.

Creating a Memorial Horse Stone Without a Note

There are basically three things you can do if you cannot think of anything to have added to your memorial horse stone.

1.Take a break, and step away from your computer. Ordering a stone is a huge step and it is common to feel a sudden rush of emotions flood in. Sometimes, taking a little walk around the block will help clear your mind, and the words will come to you. Plus, physical activity releases endorphins, which are essentially hormones that act as mental and physical pain killers to help you feel better.

2. Pick a word instead. You do not have to think of something perfect to say; a simple word, such as joy, love, peace or remember works just as well.

3. Create the stone without a note. There is no rule that says a note is required. You can simply put your horse’s name and a graphic on it, or skip the graphic and just showcase the name.

Creating a Stone Pet Memorial for Your Persian

Those that have had the privilege of being loved by a Persian will argue that these are the best feline companions. This is not a breed that simply adores everyone though. Persians are known for bonding with a select few, which could be why they have long had that “snobbish” reputation. However, you know the true personality of your cat, and just how sweet, loving and charming this breed can really be, if you are one of their chosen humans. This is why a generic stone pet memorial will simply not do. Your cat was a one of a kind, incredibly special feline, and deserves a stone equally as thoughtful to honor their life.

 Choose a Persian Stone Pet Memorial

Here at Say it in Stones, we are well aware just how remarkable this breed is. Most people know them as being simply gorgeous with silky hair, flat faces and big dazzling eyes, but we appreciate them on a more personal level. For this reason, we offer a stunning Persian graphic that you can add to your stone pet memorial.

Simply go to the graphics section on our site, choose the Persian graphic, and then you have the option of picking which stone you want. Once this is decided, we allow you to add your cat’s name and a personal note. You can even choose the font, because we want your stone to be as unique as your companion was.

Planning a Pet Memorial on a Budget

Like with humans, a pet loss can take a toll financially as well as mentally. The burden of paying for cremation, purchasing a stone and planning a pet memorial can put a dent in the pocketbook, but it does not have to be as costly as you are thinking. Understand that your guests are not expecting catered food or special napkins at the service. They are there to pay their respects and support you.

Create a List of Wants and Needs for Your Pet Memorial

The easiest way to stay within your budget when planning a pet memorial is to make a list of everything you want. Then, you can chisel that down to what you actually need. If you had planned on renting out a facility, you may find that you can afford a lot more of your wants if you opt to have the service at your own home. Alternatively, skipping the caterer and simply making some finger food will cut down on expenses as well.

All of these extras are things that you think you need, but you really don’t. If you can afford them, by all means, create a lavish service. However, the only things you really need are an urn or a stone and the support of your loved ones.

Choosing a Garden Pet Memorial for Your Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are a breed that you just can’t help but love. Even those that are not necessarily fond of small breeds can’t help but be won over by their spirited personalities. They are courageous, comical, and energetic, and always find a way to keep you smiling. They may be small in size, but they are enormous in personality. For this reason, dealing with a loss is beyond difficult, but at least you can pay tribute to their life with a garden pet memorial.

Adding a Graphic to Your Garden Pet Memorial

Here at Say it in Stones, we have a Chihuahua graphic available for you to add to your garden pet memorial. This will allow you to truly give it a personal touch. You can choose whether you want a 5, 10, 15 or 20 pound stone, and then add your pet’s name and a personal note. These make ideal gifts as well, if you know someone mourning the loss of their beloved pet.

Planning a Dogs Memorial Service

The death of any pet is difficult, but there is something about losing a dog that causes a tremendous amount of pain. They all have their own personalities and bond with their humans very strongly. A dogs memorial service is the appropriate way to pay tribute to their life, and the wonderful memories that you have shared.

Is a Dogs Memorial Service Appropriate With a Cremation?

You may be under the impression that you have to actually bury your pet to have a dogs memorial service, but this is actually not the case. It is very common to plan a service for a cremated pet. You may not have a place in the ground to gather around, but there are items you can purchase that will act as a focal point for the service. These include:

  • Stones – We have gorgeous memorial stones in an array of sizes and shapes. When you pick one, you can have your pet’s name, a personal note and graphic added to it. These are beautiful to set in the garden or under your dog’s favorite shade tree.
  • Urns – Here at Say it in Stones, we understand that more and more pet owners are choosing cremation so they can have a piece of their pet with them forever. For this reason, we offer a selection of elegant urns to hold remains and act as a focal point for a service.